Have you ever considered working in manual labor? Desk jobs aren’t for everybody and that’s okay. If you find sitting 8-10 hours a day boring, then a manual labor job could be right for you. It’s no secret that sedentary lifestyles negatively affect your health — and if you like to stay active and have tons of energy, then perhaps ditching the all-too-common 9-5 office life is the right move for you. Manual labor allows you learn new skills that strengthen both mind and body, that are also applicable to both professional and personal life. Here are a few things you can expect with a manual labor career.

Burn Calories Through Exercise
The first and most obvious benefit of working a manual labor job is, well, exercise. It only comes natural that being on your feet, moving, lifting, and doing general physical activity all day will burn calories, contributing to weight loss and reducing the risk of obesity-related conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. That’s not to say that taking a manual labor position will suddenly replace regular exercise or magically cure you of all ailments, but physical work undoubtedly offers more opportunities for burning calories than sedentary, posture-destroying office lifestyles. 

As with any physical activity, injuries can happen. But doing some quick daily stretches before and after your shift and following safety guidelines for the workplace will keep you out of any serious physical harm’s way.

Develop A Better Work Ethic
Anybody that’s worked in physical labor will tell you that one of the greatest things they learned was the value of a dollar. When you’re working 8-10 hours doing physical activity, that paycheck feels much more “earned” in a way that an office lifestyle doesn’t match. You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment because much of the time, the final product of your efforts is tangible, giving you the opportunity to take more pride in your work. It builds character and promotes self-discipline and self-reliance, which carries over into home life as well.

Improve Cognition
Sure, lifting, walking, carrying, and a variety of other common activities that come with blue collar work builds muscles through exercise. But it also has a positive effect on the brain. Exercise has been proven again and again to improve mood, help with depression, deter cognitive disabilities such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, and gives a generally positive outlook on life. Adopting a more positive attitude makes life generally more enjoyable and impacts personal relationships and your home life in a good way.

These benefits and more are apparent throughout manual labor positions, whether landscaping, working in a warehouse, doing maintenance or shipping & receiving. Summit Staffing has more than 30 years of experience finding the right candidate for the right position and a variety of manual labor positions around Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, get in touch!

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