Whether you’re a college kid looking to earn some cash over the summer or you already have a career but work seasonally, summer temp work is the perfect option for you. There are no long-term commitments, you’re learning valuable skills both for your future career and in life, and to top it off, you’re being paid. Here are a few ideas to make your summer professionally productive, lucrative and physically active!

1. Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Median salary: $33,000

​A Shipping and Receiving Clerk will generally work in a warehouse environment, keeping accurate records on inventory levels and handle all aspects of shipping & receiving at the facility. They print packaging labels, pack items into boxes, inspect merchandise for damage, and distribute it accordingly. Most shipping & receiving clerks work with tools and may be trained on forklifts or other applicable warehouse machinery.

2. Construction Worker

Average salary: $36,550

If you love being outdoors and staying physically active, temping as a construction worker is right for you. Duties vary greatly depending on the company and their project(s), but you probably already know the drill: ability to lift, walk, carry, and basic knowledge of tools are all essential expectations. For larger or more complex projects, the company may need someone with specific certifications. They may even decide to train their temps on how to use heavy machinery, but generally speaking, if you are only working there seasonally, you’ll be delegated to other duties. Regardless, if you want to make money while burning calories and working on a summer tan, construction is your calling.

3. Warehouse Packer

Average salary: $28,600

Warehouse packers, also referred to as pickers, prepare all packages to be shipped from the warehouse. Typically, the packer will retrieve the necessary items, ensure they are in satisfactory condition, then pack them up and update inventory. Physical strength is a must-have for this type of work, since it usually involves a lot of heavy lifting and machinery use.

4. Inventory Control Associate

Average salary: $35,330 or $13.77/hr

Inventory Control Associates usually work in retail stores or warehouses and are in charge of auditing inventory to ensure the product(s) are reaching their destination, that everything is properly and sufficiently stocked, and that all records are accurate and filed correctly. Employers usually need someone with basic math skills and that is able to work with computers, and has high attention to detail — accuracy matters in supply chains!

5. Welder

Average salary: $38,150

Welding is a bit of a different beast when it comes to temp work because experience and certification requirements vary company-by-company and project-by-project. Some companies might offer on-the-job training for candidates with no experience, while others may require a welding apprenticeship completion. Either way, you’ll need good hand-eye coordination and dexterity as well as up-to-date knowledge on the latest technology and techniques.

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