Maybe sitting at a desk 8+ hours a day isn’t right for you — you’re an active person that likes to problem solve with a hands-on approach, rather than through a computer screen. You take pride in your work and like producing a tangible product. You find cubicles to be soul-crushing and can’t stand the thought of writing reports, dealing with office politics or ……well you’re not alone. Plenty of people think this way and prefer physical work over a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits of a labor job are bountiful — here are just a few of them.


It’s no secret that if you exert yourself physically all day, you’re getting more exercise than those that live a sedentary office life. This leads to lower rates in obesity, diabetes and can improve cognitive function. Additionally, people who do physical labor for a living increase their physical capabilities and are less likely to be injured when they exert themselves in other aspects of their lives.


If you’re someone that takes pride in the ability to look at something and say to yourself, “I created that. That’s the finished product that I helped make”, then physical labor is right for you. Being able to physically see and touch the product of your labor is satisfying and gives you a sense of pride.


Your body releases mood-enhancing endorphins to the brain while you’re physically active, improving cognitive function and increasing the ability to think clearly. Additionally, “getting in the groove” with your work can allow you to think more deeply about yourself and your life on a more regular basis than you could in an office environment.


Taking a manual labor job in maintenance, welding, plumbing, landscaping, etc. will allow you to learn practical skills that can be put to use elsewhere in life. Suddenly, jobs and tasks around the house you’d normally hire someone to do are DIY projects — no need to hire contractors to make repairs or renovations! Being able to craft and repair are truly valuable, practical skills that can save you money at home. It’s also a great way to connect with the family. Spending quality time passing on your skills to your children is a great way to connect with them and teach them useful, real life skills.

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