If you’re searching for a job, you’ve likely seen some jobs categorized as light industrial work. But what is light industrial work and, more importantly, is it the right kind of work for you? Let’s go over the basics of light industrial work, some job titles you’ll likely come across, and the benefits of working a light industrial job.


Industrial work can easily be separated into two categories; light and heavy work. Most light industrial work is found in either the distribution or manufacturing industries and will involve working in a factory or warehouse setting. Heavy industrial work also typically involves these industries, however, the difference between light and heavy work is the size and scale of the products being produced. For example, light industry work involves the production and distribution of things like food, clothing, and consumer electronics and can be done with smaller machines and manual labor. In contrast, heavy industry work is focused on the production of larger items that use heavy machineries and is the work you’d find at steel mills, shipyards, and large-scale infrastructure projects.

Light industrial work is also often the production of smaller products and materials that will later be used as part of larger goods. A good example of this is automobile parts. Automobiles are made up of tens of thousands of smaller parts that are all assembled to make the final product. A light industrial job could involve the production of those smaller parts, packaging and shipping the parts to their next destination, performing quality control tests, or operating the machines used for production.


​To better understand the type of work available in the light industry, it’s helpful to know some of the most common job titles. Some of the roles we most frequently fill include:

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One of the best benefits of light industrial work is job security. Light industrial jobs commonly involve the production and distribution of goods that have a steady supply and demand, so there’s always a need for workers. Additionally, light industrial jobs are found in every market, so whether you live in a big city, a small town, or a rural area, you can find opportunities in the industry. Light industrial work is also a great option for students and anyone looking for seasonal or temporary work to earn extra money during the summer or holiday season.

If you’re new to light industrial work, you might be wondering what skills are necessary to succeed. Some of the top skills employers look for include strong attention to detail, dependability, experience operating computers, and a commitment to following safety guidelines. Light industrial work also involves working on your feet and lifting and moving materials, so some level of physical exertion is necessary. If you have these skills, light industrial work could be a good fit for you!


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